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The Future of CougARRRRR Football?

The Future of CougARRRRR Football?

When Mike Leach was the football coach at Texas Tech, his parking stall represented his love for pirates. If he becomes the Cougar's new coach, do you think he'll have the same shenanigans?

Will It Happen?

(Updated 1:54 p.m.) - Washington State University has not confirmed the report. Bill Stevens, WSU sports information director, says Bill Moos will not comment any more than he did yesterday - until an official agreement is in place with the next head football coach. According to the AP, an anonymous source inside the athletics department says Leach has made a verbal aggreement to become the new coach, but has not signed a contract. 

Seattle Elephant Thinks Cougars Will Win the Apple Cup

This is great news for Cougs every where! A Woodland Park Zoo elephant in Seattle thinks Washington State University will win the Apple Cup this year.

Chai is an Asian elephant who makes her predictions for the Apple Cup by choosing between two piles of treats dressed up as either the dreaded Huskies or the righteous Cougars.

Last year she chose the Huskies and it proved accurate. They won. This year she chose the Cougars to win. Do you think her prediction will hold true?

What Wine Should You Pair With Which Cheese?

During a casual Twitter conversation on Monday morning, it was revealed that Washington State University Creamery has a wine suggestion list for their famous Cougar Cheese made on campus at Ferdinand's.

The Creamery say it ultimately comes down to personal preference, but they asked some regional wineries to express their opinion about pairings.

Most wineries say Cougar Gold is best with Viognier, Savignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Merlot. One winery in particular suggests an acidic wine with minimal sweetness to cut the cheese's butter fat. Otherwise the taste buds are covered completely. 

  • White Wine: Savingnon Blanc, a crisp Riesling, Pinot Gris or Chardonnay
  • Red Wines: Merlot or Lemberger.

This might be a fun tasting event for your Thanksgiving holiday or save it for the December holidays. When the weather gets colder, a good kick in the taste buds might be in order with the Viking Fire. In general, dry red wines are recommended with their flavored Viking cheeses. The wines should be light to medium in body and maybe fruity.

  • Red Wine: Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, Gamay and light Zinfandels.
  • White Wine: Chenin Blanc, White Riesling or even a Gewurztraminer.

WSU stresses that these are just opinions, but a good gathering of friends could come up with their own pairings. Drink responsibly!

Share: What is your suggested pairing? 

Remember When Moscow, Idaho, Wanted the Olympics?

Remember When Moscow, Idaho, Wanted the Olympics?

While searching for story ideas this afternoon, this article from a 1980 issue of the Lewiston Morning Tribune popped up in Google Search.

Apparently the Moscow Chamber of Commerce really wanted to have the 1980 summer Olympics in the Idaho city instead of-- the Soviet Union. Now you know how old this article is.

The Lewiston Morning Tribune reported they were contacted by a radio disc jockey in California about the idea. Moscow's daily newspaper, the Idahonian ran a cover story on that Saturday exploring the possibility.

WSU Professor Will Appear in Shakespeare Documentary

WSU Professor Will Appear in Shakespeare Documentary

Who was Shakespeare? You may think you know, but a Washington State University professor begs to differ.

Michael Delahoyde, associate professor of English, is going all the way to talk about it in a documentary called “Last Will. & Testament” that will act as a scholarship-based companion piece to the upcoming film, Anonymous.

The Roland Emmerich directed film, "Anonymous", suggests Shakespeare was actually Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford.

Halloween 'Thriller' Flashmob Takes Over Palouse Mall

A flash mob took over Palouse Mall in Moscow to celebrate Halloween. Dancers boogied to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' to shoppers' surprise.

Take a look!

Video courtesy of Jonathon Frantz

Schedule a "Haunted Tour" of WSU Libraries

Schedule a "Haunted Tour" of WSU Libraries

The campus library isn’t exactly a haunted house, but Lara Cummings, librarian, treats it as such. She actually leaps from behind walls and bookcases to scare new students on library tours.

Cummings hosts tours for students and the public in the inter-connected libraries, Holland and Terrell. She tells ghost stories and other strange happenings as she and her tour march through stairwells, elevators, narrow columns of books.