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Without students, Pullman is a little squirrely

Without students, Pullman is a little squirrely

The campus is pretty much dead silent except for the sound of squirrels scurrying about.

WSU News photographer, Matt Haugen, spent his morning exploring the campus to see what was going on without the hustle and bustle of the student body. He spotted this frequently seen critter posing near an old engraved plaque on campus - just near Thompson Hall.

Haugen wrote, “It’s a beautiful day in Pullman. Finals are wrapping up, and students are heading home.”

He also spotted crews working on remodeling Duncan Dunn and Community up on the main part of campus.

Now that's a high school senior photo!

Now that's a high school senior photo!

Welcome back to the KXLY time machine.  Jump aboard! Let's head back to 1979 to Cody, Wyoming.

The moment you've been waiting for with Mike Leach coverage. Yesterday we debuted Mike Leach's high school boys track photo, but here's the big whammy - the high school senior photo.

Alongside his classmates with Farrah Fawcett-styled side brushes, the wings, side burns and bowl cuts. It's all there.

Go Cougs!

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Spokane man reveals Mike Leach's high school track photo

Spokane man reveals Mike Leach's high school track photo

Let’s travel time back to 1979. If we had visited the Cody High School’s boys track team, we would have met a much younger Mike Leach. In the photo above - there he is! Leach can be spotted in the back row, fourth from the right. You can recognize him from a mile away.

[Featured on The Morning Scoop]

How would you spend a $2.25 million salary?

Sometimes there are blog posts that make other writers a little jealous that we didn’t come up with it first.

CougCenter analyzed Mike Leach’s contracted salary and learned what effect the low-cost of living of Pullman would have on his estimated $2.25 million per year salary. Their calculations use a price based on five years of accumulation and after buying the most expensive for-sale home in Pullman. Leaving around $10.5 million.

According to his article, Mike Leach could buy the following items:

  • 1,838,879 Super Baskets from Cougar Country Drive-In
  • 1,081,359 calzones from Sella’s
  • 360,082 grilled Blue Messa organic filet mignon from Swilly’s
  • 214,.285 rounds of golf at Palouse Ridge Golf Course

Adding in my own calculations - Mike Leach could buy 590,883 30-pack cases of Busch Light at Dissmore’s current pricing: $17.77. That’s 17,726,490 cans of Busch Light. Assuming every student at WSU is over 21, that means 656 cans per student based on the fall semester enrollment for 2011 - 27,008 students.

If this doesn't help the local economy, who knows what will. 

Leach addresses media tomorrow during state tour

Leach addresses media tomorrow during state tour

Hoist your flag, Cougs. The Jolly Roger has spoken on ESPN’s GameDay. The insignia flag streak continues - flying crimson pride in the sports program background.

The world will be re-introduced to Mike Leach tomorrow in Pullman and Seattle as WSU’s new football coach. He’s trekking Washington State to address media during two press conferences.

The first press conference is in Pullman at the Compton Union Building Senior Ballroom on Tuesday. The closed meeting starts at noon and will be streamed online. Check www.kxly.com prior to noon for more information about our streaming of the event.

Fan Video Unleashes the Pirate

Thank goodness for people who have a lot of time on their hands. Without them, we wouldn't have inspirational videos like this that welcome Mike Leach to Cougar Country.

It portrays the new coach as his inner pirate sailing through Lake Washington, manning the cannon's against University of Washington's stadium.

Video Courtesy Youtube User: oldtrailerpro

Leach Madness

Leach Madness

Already the wave of Leach madness is reaching Facebook. Cougar football fans have been changing their profile picture to the graphic above. How long will it be until The Bookie has their own line of pirate gear in honor of WSU's new Coach Leach?

He tweeted Thursday evening, "I'm putting together my staff and can't wait to coach the WSU Cougars & meet their fans."

Online: Follow him on Twitter at @Coach_Leach

A KXLY viewer called in to say, "Have you noticed that Cougars have had "a Moos, a Wulff and a Leach?" Very punny.

On another note, who is excited for frequent "Things Coach Leach Says" updates here on this site?

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