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City Of Moscow Trees Off-Limits To Syrup Tapping

City Of Moscow Trees Off-Limits To Syrup Tapping

A recent publication in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News has some residents ready to pump some "Palouse Maple Syrup". The article mentions a recent co-op started by Greg Hodapp that talks about how anyone can pull sap from a maple tree.

The article has the city of Moscow sending out a news release reminding citizens that all trees located within the street right-of-ways are off-limits.

The City of Moscow is reminding citizens that all trees, including maple trees, located within the street right-of ways are subject to City laws and protections [ord. 8-5 Sec 8-6(1&3)]. At this time, the City is not granting permission for the tapping of these trees.

According to the article, which is only accessible to paper subscribers, the sap tapping does not harm the trees, but the city says it can affect older and stressed trees. Trees on private property can only be tapped by owner's permission.

Cougar fans in a nutshell

Cougar fans in a nutshell

How could we not share this? When the going gets tough, stay calm and Cougar on. Let's add this to the list of finer things in life for fellow Cougs. Now taking predictions on how long it will take for this to end up on t-shirts and other random WSU products. 

The phrase, "Keep Calm and Carry On" comes from British propaganda during World War II. The copyright expired putting it into public domain. Now it's reprinted willy-nilly. 

The Guardian has a photo gallery of the many uses of the poster on brick walls, celebrities, trucks, etc. 

Local bands inspiring algorithm-derived libations

Local bands inspiring algorithm-derived libations

It takes the perfect drink to accompany the perfect song. Sometimes you need a little help identifying your thirst while enjoying X, where X stands for whatever band you happen to like. The website Drinkify, created last year during Boston’s Music HackDay, tells you what to drink with what band.

For Danzig, they recommend one bottle of PBR served cold which may conflict with hipster beliefs, but we won't judge. Let’s take it local and find out what to drink for some regional sounds. As always, please drink responsibly.

“The Buffalo Death Beam” - 10 oz. Havana Club Dark Rum / Serve neat. Stir quickly.

“The Cathedral Pearls” - 6 oz. Tequila Reposado / Serve neat.

  • Related: “The Karli Fairbanks” - 1 bottle Red Wine / Serve at room temperature.

“The Globes” - 1 oz. Ouzo, 1 oz. Half and half / Combine in highball glass and serve. Stir vigorously.

Rumor has it new Cougar license plates will bleed crimson

For those of you sporting the classic Washington State University license plates, the school is about to release a new model that will put yours to shame.

Cougs bleed crimson and soon, so will your license plate in a new design simply hinted at during a promotional video featuring Butch T. Cougar. The mascot comes home with his rather large stack of mail from adoring fans no doubt. He opens one package showing the necessary evils - car tabs. And it’s all crimson.

They’ll be available from the Department of Licensing. More information about the plates will be released on January 23rd.

Video Courtesy Washington State University

Fashion experts call Cougar football uniforms one of the worst

Fashion experts call Cougar football uniforms one of the worst

Washington State made a top list for something this year, but they may not like it. The Wall Street Journal fashion police collected opinions from a panel of fashion industry experts to give football players the up-down and decide just how garish their uniforms were.

Unfortunately, the Cougars made the list of top fashion losers. Don’t worry, it wasn’t the colors. It was of all things - the font. Typography nuts will appreciate the attention to detail Josh Vanover, graphic artist, gives the uniforms.

"It's strange because the uniform has a classic design, but the font is trying to be modern," he said in the WSJ article. "It clashes."

Another fashion expert, Anthony Coleman, managing editor for SlamxHype, told WSJ that “it would behoove Wazzu to revert to a traditional sans-serif font.”

University of Washington did not make either list.

Dress your baby in "purple" Cougar pride

Dress your baby in "purple" Cougar pride

Let’s play the game: what’s wrong with this picture? It’s a baby onesie proudly supporting Washington State University’s mascot, the Cougars. But wait - it’s in purple - the color of University of Washington’s Huskies. The faux-pas is featured at the Pullman Walmart and has been for sale there for quite awhile.

Speaking of school colors, during a chat with WSU’s archivist, Mark O’English, he shared that crimson and gray has been the official school colors for more than one-hundred years.

O’English says a Daily Evergreen issue from the year 1900 featured a story on WSU’s student body holding a special election on November 13th to select new colors for the school. The student body voted between three different color selections - selecting crimson and gray as the winner.

The original colors? Pink and blue.