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Farmers turn their corn maze into a tribute to "Wave the Flag"

Farmers turn their corn maze into a tribute to "Wave the Flag"

This is one way to wave the Cougar flag. Embedded into a giant corn field about 12 miles south of Pullman, a very green Cougar flag waves in the breeze. It’s the work of two Washington State University alumni, Ty and Kay Wolf Meyer who turned their Colton corn maze at Red Barn Farms into a work of art.

Even the pirates of the Palouse make an appearance in the maze. A skull and crossbones can be seen in the upper left section of the corn maze.

The maze makes reference to the famous #GoCougs hashtag used throughout the Twittersphere. We hope Coach Leach approves.

Mike Leach admits a cluttered desk

There was an opportunity last week to pitch questions that a Daily Evergreen reporter, Kaitlin Gillespie, would ask Mike Leach. Some people threw topical and even some pecuiliar questions out there which made for a great Q&A with the football coach.

The world is curious about the upcoming season of Cougar football with Leach leading the way and all we wanted to know is if he had a messy desk or not.

Question: Does he keep a clean or messy desk?

"Cluttered, but I know where everything is. If a desk is too clean, there's probably not too much work getting done. They're spending more time cleaning their desk than they are accomplishing anything, and then if it's too messy then that's just unofficial. Cluttered but I know where everything is."

Read the rest of the interview at the Daily Evergreen's website.

Campus Police calls in backup for bird in WSU's French Ad

It’s been awhile since we dived into Pullman Police’s daily activity log. One incident from Monday evening caught our eye. A bird was bothering the French Administration building. It was flying around inside and Ofc. Brandon Koe assisted campus police to remove the menace.

We spoke with Commander Chris Tennant who explained that Ofc. Koe luckily had access to the animal control officer’s vehicle which had a net inside. They caught the bird and life continued.

“We help whenever we can. We don’t usually chase birds around with nets,” Tennant said.

Full disclosure on our part, a bird in a building story is always on our radar because KXLY’s studios in Spokane has a terrible bird problem at times. Sometimes if you listen carefully to the newscast, you might hear the gentle chirp of birds tweeting away or that’s our @kxly4news Twitter account.

WSU offers August course in artificial cattle insemination

You never know when a skill like artificially inseminating cattle will come in handy, but Washington State University is there for you, teaching this skill during a three day course in August.

It’s catered toward agriculture students and those in the farming industry. This is the second year they’ve taught the class. In a press release from WSU, they explain the course is limited to 12 people and the deadline to enroll is July 20th, $400 per person.

The class is held from August 9th to the 11th. They discuss the science behind the process and even get in a little practice.

The press release also quoted a former student who says the course was a learning experience.

"The AI course at WSU was definitely a learning experience. You were able to take your time and have as much practice as you pleased. Overall this was a great experience. I would recommend taking this if you are interested in artificially inseminating.”

Seattle Man Starts Bike Trip Around the World

Seattle Man Starts Bike Trip Around the World

With a strong tail wind, 62-year old Darby Roach and his best friend Mike Mann, cruise into Airway Heights on two wheels.  If you've driven Highway 2 in the past three days you may know who I'm talking about.  They're the two guys on loaded down bicycles, with the sneaky smiles and gusto of young men on an adventure of a lifetime.

Roach and Mann are on a mission to first bike across the United States and then the world.  The pair left Wenatchee Sunday morning and arrived in Spokane Wednesday night. In all, they've logged about 140 miles so far. Their goal is to get to Boston by the end of the Summer.  From there, Roach will fly solo to Europe where he plans to spend the next 3 years seeing the world. From the narrow streets of Paris to the snow covered peaks of Chile, Roach plans to pedal every mile of the way. 

What? Is he crazy? Who would do such a thing? All questions that ran through my mind when Roach told me about his ambitious goal. To understand this wild dream, you have to understand the wild man on the bike.  I don't think he'll mind my choice adjective, he raised me after all.

Mike Leach swings sword on Reddit

Mike Leach swings sword on Reddit

If you could ask Mike Leach anything, what would you ask him? Dozens of Reddit users had the opportunity this afternoon to quiz the Cougar football coach. The way it worked, everyone asked questions and Leach had to go through and answer as many as possible.

Anything was game, well, except for recruiting information and information that would violate NCAA rules. Besides that, Leach offered his expertise in topics from pirates, education to girls.

Here’s some of our favorite Q&As we lovingly picked out from the forum chat. The question comes from the Reddit user, the answer comes from Leach. You can also read the rest at Reddit’s AMA post.

Question: I'm a Freshman at Washington State and I'm new to Pullman. I've got a first date with a girl and I was wondering if you might have some recommendations?

Answer: First take her to CDs Pit House BBQ in Moscow, ID. If she will get her hands dirty with some great BBQ, you will know you are on the right track! Then I would go enjoy the incredible college life on College Hill at WSU but make sure you have the opportunity to talk to her a lot.

Cooking with a Washingtonian skillet

Cooking with a Washingtonian skillet

(Updated 12:13 p.m.) - Can you imagine the pancakes you could grill up in this Washington skillet? Or scrambled eggs or whatever you like to eat.

It’s a cast iron skillet in the shape of Washington. It’s the creation of FeLion Studios located in Madison, Wisconsin.

If somebody really wanted to cook up the envy of Washingtonians everywhere, it would fill the entire skillet with some sort of representation of the Olympic Mountains, Puget South, Cascades and of course Spokane.

How would it be done? Somebody out there has to have a strategy on how to attempt this. Share it with us in the comments below or email nicoleh@kxly.com.