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Fathers Day forecast - My gift to Dads

Fathers Day forecast - My gift to Dads

Some clouds hanging out today then clearing tonight.

Saturday we have a ridge of high pressure that lasts through the weekend and then weekens into Monday.

Next week another cool and vigorous system moves in with showers and cooler temps.

Enjoy Father's day.


Remember to keep your pets safe as weather warms

Remember to keep your pets safe as weather warms

Spring is finally here and Summer is just around the corner, and with the onset of warm weather across the region Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service reminds us to keep our pets safe in the heat.

"Every summer, we respond to calls of animals being left in cars," says Nancy Hill, Director of SCRAPS. "Inside a car, the temperature will rapidly increase and can overwhelm a pet in a very short time period - sometimes with fatal consequences."

If you typically bring your dog or other pets along for the car ride consider leaving them home when temperatures rise. Dogs aren't able to sweat to cool themselves down so it doesn't take much for them to overheat. Cracking a window while you run into the store isn't enough to keep them healthy.

"The temperature outside doesn't have to be in the 90's or more for a problem to exist," says Hill, "On a 78 degree day, temperatures in a car parked in the shade can exceed 90 degrees, and hit a scorching 160 degree if parked in the sun."

PETA offers tips for pet care in heavy snow

PETA offers tips for pet care in heavy snow


There are several things to consider when Mother Nature dumps a half-foot of snow on the area.

PETA sent out several tips Monday for pet owners and animal-conscious citizens, because “dogs and other animals can suffer from frostbite and exposure, and they can become dehydrated when water sources freeze.”

Here are some of PETA's tips:

  • Keep animals indoors. This is absolutely critical when it comes to puppies and kittens, elderly animals, small animals, and dogs with short hair, including pointers, beagles, pit bulls, Rottweilers, and Doberman pinschers. Short-haired animals will also benefit from a warm sweater or a coat on walks.

Local ski resorts all hoping to open this weekend

Local ski resorts all hoping to open this weekend

The smell of turkey and stuffing is in the air, and that means the ski and snowboard season is nearly upon us.  Interested in hitting the slopes this holiday weekend?  It’s still a little touch and go.  At least one local resort will DEFINITELY be open this weekend; others are just waiting to see how much snow falls over the next 48 hours.  Here’s the latest, as of Wednesday afternoon:

SCHWEITZER MOUNTAIN RESORT:  OPENS SATURDAY, NOV.  24th.  Schweitzer’s website says “The current plan is to run Musical Chairs and the Basin Express lifts from 9am-3:30pm.  Lift tickets will be $40.  Sunday-Friday Season Passes will be valid on Saturday.  There will be some features set up in the Terrain Garden.  Busing and Parking will be free this weekend.  The shuttle will run on the mid-week schedule.“

Schools canceling Friday night games due to air quality

Smoke from central Washington and Idaho fires is expected to impact the region through the remainder of Friday. There’s little to no winds floating through the region, so the National Weather Service expects the haze to sit in a stagnant pattern.

The Department of Ecology has reported unhealthy air has been reported in Spokane Valley, Clarkston, Pullman, Ritzville and LaCrosse.

Due to poor air quality conditions, some schools are cancelling their Friday night games. We're aggregating a list of games that have been canceled or postponed due to air quality. You can follow the full list as it is updated at our sports section on www.kxly.com.

Lakeside and Lapwai schools were expected to play in Lapwai, but then the game was switched to Plummer. Air quality officials with the Coeur d’Alene Tribe then recommended they cancel the game saying the smoke was coming in heavier and to expect more haze during the evening.

"Blue moon" scheduled for Friday evening

"Blue moon" scheduled for Friday evening

Strange things always seem to happen on full moons, but what about an additional full moon on the same month? That's called a blue moon. Sorry to disappoint you, but technically - it's not blue.

Because lunar events are not aligned with our calendar months, sometimes the 29.5 cycle resets. We already had a pre-funk earlier this month, a full moon on August 1. History is now is repeating itself this Friday, August 31.

It will be awhile the next time you see two full moons in the same month. You'll have to wait until July 2015. The skies are expected to be clear, so don't stand alone this Friday. Grab a love of your own and check out the night sky.