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Driver Hits Moscow Patrol Car, Officer and Civilian Vehicle

A Moscow Police patrol vehicle was struck while investigating a previous accident near the three-way intersection of Perimeter, Nez Perce and South Rayburn on Saturday afternoon.

Officers Kyle Pisula, 27, and Anthony Dahlinger, 27, were at the scene when a female driver, Charity B. Buchert, 40, side-wiped their vehicle and then struck Dahlinger who was standing outside the patrol car. Buchert then hit the vehicle of Peggy A. Hoobler, 68, who was already involved with the previous accident under investigation.

Dahlinger was transported to Gritman Medical Center for injuries.

Idaho State Police say the investigation is ongoing and citations have not been issued at this time.

City of Moscow Will Discuss Overnight Parking Restrictions

City of Moscow Will Discuss Overnight Parking Restrictions

A recent request to Moscow City Hall asks the council to reduce the overnight parking restrictions to accommodate business access during the early morning hours. The streets in question include Washington, Jackson, Main and First to Eighth in the downtown core.

The city's public works and fiance committee will be reviewing the parking restrictions next week on February 13th at 3 p.m.

Public comment can be sending to the city clerk, Stephanie Kalasz at skalasz@ci.moscow.id.us.

Bus routes could change as Moscow Walmart opens

When the Moscow Walmart re-opens, bus routes in the area could change according to some proposals suggested by Regional Public Transportation. Route changes would serve the new Walmart. Depending on public comment next week, Moscow Valley Transit would add service along D Street between Main and Hayes.

The proposed changes to the two fixed routes will have an alternating effect. Both routes would run their current routes at the beginning of the hour (XX:10). On the second run of the hour (XX:40) the west route will serve Walmart and will bypass Rosauers by traveling through to Main on A Street. The East Route will bypass the 3rd Street/Hayes to D Street portion of its route. It will travel north on Main to Rosauer’s by way of A Street to Almon to E. It will re-enter Main and turn off onto D Street traveling east and reconnecting with its normal run at Hayes.

A proposed bus schedule is available online at Regional Public Transportation’s website. If you have a comment to share about these route changes, a public meeting on January 17th will take place at Noon at Moscow City Hall in the Council Chambers. Comments can also be emailed to compliance@r2transit.com by January 20th.

Information via Regional Public Transportation News Release

Vehicle crashes into logging truck - killing two sisters

An early morning crash near Desmet, Idaho killed two sisters from Carlin, Nevada after their vehicle struck a log truck along northbound U.S. 95.

Alexandria Baysinger, 17, was driving her two younger sisters, Andrea, 14, and Amber, 12, in a Nissan Coupe when she crossed over the center line striking a log truck near milepost 374.

Alexandria was found deceased at the scene. Amber was transported to Gritman Hospital where she was later pronounced deceased. Andrea survived the crash, but sustained injuries. Her condition at Gritman Hospital is not known.

The driver of the log truck, Jack A. Hester, 34, from Sagle, Idaho, was not injured in the accident.

Idaho State Police say all four of the subjects involved with the crash were wearing their seat belts.

The accident blocked the road for about seven hours. Next of kin have been notified.

New technology will track the location of your Pullman Transit bus

New technology will track the location of your Pullman Transit bus

Let’s paint a situation with words. You’re a student at WSU and you’re waiting for your bus. It’s been ten minutes since you started waiting around. You have ten more minutes until your class starts.

Do you give up and start running? Or do you wait? New technology coming out next year will tell you where your bus is and when it will arrive.

They’re using a new Automated Vehicle Locator system that uses GPS mapping. Pullman Transit was able to develop the system using a stimulus grant for more than $500,000 to install cameras on the buses and provide the system.

Palouse Railroad Crossing Receives Funds For Safety Upgrades

Palouse Railroad Crossing Receives Funds For Safety Upgrades

New funds are pouring into Palouse’s railroad crossing on west Spokane Street to improve its safety.

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission approved about $20,000 from the Grade Crossing Protective Fund to Washington & Idaho Railway, Inc (WIR). to improve the crossing’s overall safety.

No accidents have ever been reported at the crossing. The new upgrades take a proactive approach to safety - replacing the mainline track circuits with a motion sensing unit, upgrading the lighting and battery charger to a newer version with replaced batteries.

The upgrades must by completed by September 30th of next year. State funding is only limited to $19,996 of the project. Labor cost will be covered by WIR.

Palouse Traffic Fatalities [2001-2009]

Palouse Traffic Fatalities [2001-2009]

Have you ever wondered what regional Palouse roads result in the most traffic fatalities? Maybe you’ve wanted to find more specific information about the traffic fatalities like what mode of transportation they were using and if that’s a frequent occurrence on that stretch of road.

Using data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation, ITO World Ltd. has compiled a data map of fatalities into a visual tale of deaths on the road.

The data only covers information from 2001 to 2009. Many recent fatalities you recall on the news will not be visible.