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Mike Leach admits a cluttered desk | Sports & Recreation

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Mike Leach admits a cluttered desk

There was an opportunity last week to pitch questions that a Daily Evergreen reporter, Kaitlin Gillespie, would ask Mike Leach. Some people threw topical and even some pecuiliar questions out there which made for a great Q&A with the football coach.

The world is curious about the upcoming season of Cougar football with Leach leading the way and all we wanted to know is if he had a messy desk or not.

Question: Does he keep a clean or messy desk?

"Cluttered, but I know where everything is. If a desk is too clean, there's probably not too much work getting done. They're spending more time cleaning their desk than they are accomplishing anything, and then if it's too messy then that's just unofficial. Cluttered but I know where everything is."

Read the rest of the interview at the Daily Evergreen's website.

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