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Free IHOP Scary Face pancake on Halloween

Free IHOP Scary Face pancake on Halloween

Looking for a special way to celebrate Halloween with your Ghosts and Ghouls? IHOP wants to help kick off the festivities with a free Scary Face pancake for all kids 12 and under on October 31.

From 7 am to 10 pm, each child can receive one of IHOP's buttermilk pancakes decorated with a whipped topping smiles and eyes and a strawberry nose. Then kids can use a kit of delicious toppings – eight pieces of candy corn and two mini Oreos – to finish decorating the face however they choose.

If you can't make it on Halloween, don't worry too much – the Scary Face pancake is available as a regular menu item all month long.

Update: Dupus Boomers will close at WSU’s CUB

The WSU Board of Regents approved a proposal Friday morning that would allow $1.65 million be used from CUB reserve funds to buy out the existing lease for the Dupus Boomers Restaurant.

The agenda recommended the restaurant be converted into open dining and seating for a “coffeehouse” atmosphere. The WSU News announcement refers to the future space as a “social lounge” which will accommodate about 100-150 students with coffee and sandwiches sold at counters.

The WSU purchase means alcohol will no longer be sold when they take over. 

Dupus Boomers told WSU they wanted to close out of their 20-year lease early and offered the option for WSU to buy up the remaining lease. When Dupus Boomers went into the space in 2008, they spent $3.5 million in furnishings and kitchen equipment.

The transformation into an alcohol-free space begins at the end of this academic year.

What Wine Should You Pair With Which Cheese?

During a casual Twitter conversation on Monday morning, it was revealed that Washington State University Creamery has a wine suggestion list for their famous Cougar Cheese made on campus at Ferdinand's.

The Creamery say it ultimately comes down to personal preference, but they asked some regional wineries to express their opinion about pairings.

Most wineries say Cougar Gold is best with Viognier, Savignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Merlot. One winery in particular suggests an acidic wine with minimal sweetness to cut the cheese's butter fat. Otherwise the taste buds are covered completely. 

  • White Wine: Savingnon Blanc, a crisp Riesling, Pinot Gris or Chardonnay
  • Red Wines: Merlot or Lemberger.

This might be a fun tasting event for your Thanksgiving holiday or save it for the December holidays. When the weather gets colder, a good kick in the taste buds might be in order with the Viking Fire. In general, dry red wines are recommended with their flavored Viking cheeses. The wines should be light to medium in body and maybe fruity.

  • Red Wine: Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, Gamay and light Zinfandels.
  • White Wine: Chenin Blanc, White Riesling or even a Gewurztraminer.

WSU stresses that these are just opinions, but a good gathering of friends could come up with their own pairings. Drink responsibly!

Share: What is your suggested pairing? 

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