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It's A Dog's Life For Silvano Bitencourt | Pets

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It's A Dog's Life For Silvano Bitencourt
It's A Dog's Life For Silvano Bitencourt

Silvano Bitencourt is a native of Brazil. He came to the United States with pretty much nothing but the shirt on his back and the American Dream in his heart. Silvano not only has accomplished the American Dream he recently became a United States Citizen.

I had a chance to talk with him recently about his Dog & Cat Grooming business in Spokane, becoming a citizen and what he has planned for the future.

Tell me a little about yourself, I know you're Brazilian. How does a Brazilian wind up living in Spokane?

I am Brazilian born in Brasilia Distrito Federal Brazil, I belong to the first generation of the federal capital of the nation. When I decided to fight for my American dream, get out of Brazil to Miami FL, where I started the whole course of my life in America. After a few years in Florida, several economic problems and other personal reasons, I was curious and sought other places to follow my dreams.

I decided to move to Spokane, I thought it was a charming city and not expensive to live. I didn't know anyone here, I faced problems of adaptation and acceptance in this community. I was the victim of discrimination in a sporting goods store when I first moved here. My accent if very thick so I think it was surprising to see a Latino. But Spokane has come a long way in terms of acceptance of different people.

How do you get into the business of preparation?

Here in Spokane was knocking on doors looking for work, I had some small business opportunities that gave me a chance to use my scissors and my blades. One day I lost my job and decided to start my own business in the basement of my house. It was all so simple. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I began to solidify my clients with great perseverance and passion. In June of last year I had the opportunity to buy the business I have today. Hot Dogz Grooming Spa. It was a great choice to buy the business. I have new clients, the best facilities to meet higher quality for my beloved customers.

As a major challenge is to have a business?

The challenge is daunting, because the responsibilities increase, commercial rent, utilities, marketing, licenses etc.

What services do you offer there?

Pet services include: Nails trimming / grinding Double shampoo Facial cleaning Comb and brush in October Sanitary trim Ear cleaning Cleaning Eyes and refreshed Warm hydro-massage bath Pads and ears free of hair Paw Pad Elbow moisturizing + (extra service) Skin moisturizing Fluffy dry Tangles and matting treatment (extra service) De-Shedding Treatments (extra service) Fleas + ticks treatment Hand scissoring and groomed to breed standards Hand brushing combing + Special shampoos and conditioners Final finishing From Shedding for Dogs and Cats

Is there any funny stories you can tell us about grooming a cat or dog?

I have a Persian cat called Lee Roy, live in FL when I realized that he ran away from home when I was working. because when I returned to my house I saw Lee Roy crossing the street quickly returning to the house, trying to pretend that he did not leave the house in my absence, for he heard the noise of my car and ran back to the house trying to pretend that never left home. starting that day he happened to be at home with more security without competing possibilities to go outside again.

Are you an animal lover yourself, if so ... what kind do you have?

Yes I have since childhood passion and affection for animals. Today I have a Standard Poodle, a Maltese, a Yorkie and 3 Persian cats.

Would you like to expand a day?

Yes, I believe that is part of every successful business...expansion is my goal. I'd love to give other people who have the passion for the business and mentor them so they can possibly open their own shop. I have already a project for the expansion in the Kennewick WA area and I am already working on it.

How exciting was it to become a U.S. citizen?

For me one more proof of my American dream, I've been waiting years to receive this joy in my life. It was more exciting seeing all my friends and several clients in my citizenship ceremony supporting me unconditionally. Now I plan to be a productive citizen and practice all the things I learned from the Constitution. Walking under the laws of that country. Be an example for those who are on their way to citizenship and for those who already are citizens.

What do you hope to achieve in the future with your business?

I hope to generate opportunity for others who are interested in more professional in my industry can be trained with quality, efficiency and professionalism and have the desire to belong to my team.



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