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Campus Police calls in backup for bird in WSU's French Ad | News

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Campus Police calls in backup for bird in WSU's French Ad

It’s been awhile since we dived into Pullman Police’s daily activity log. One incident from Monday evening caught our eye. A bird was bothering the French Administration building. It was flying around inside and Ofc. Brandon Koe assisted campus police to remove the menace.

We spoke with Commander Chris Tennant who explained that Ofc. Koe luckily had access to the animal control officer’s vehicle which had a net inside. They caught the bird and life continued.

“We help whenever we can. We don’t usually chase birds around with nets,” Tennant said.

Full disclosure on our part, a bird in a building story is always on our radar because KXLY’s studios in Spokane has a terrible bird problem at times. Sometimes if you listen carefully to the newscast, you might hear the gentle chirp of birds tweeting away or that’s our @kxly4news Twitter account.

From the Pullman Police Daily Log:

12-P04787 Animal Problem/Complaint: 19:16:16 06/04/12 - 1815 NE Wilson Rd, PULLMAN, WA 99163

Pullman officer assisted WSU officer with catching a bird that was inside a building.

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