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WSU administrator arrested for child molestation | News

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WSU administrator arrested for child molestation

A Washington State University administrator has been arrested for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old girl over the weekend.

Pullman police received a report Saturday morning from a relative of the alleged victim, who claimed that Jud Preece had groped and inappropriately touched her. When officers interviewed the 13-year-old victim, they found she had been invited to a birthday dinner for her friend by the friend's father, Jud Preece.

After the dinner, the friend and her mother went to a play, leaving the victim home alone with Preece at his residence. During the evening, the victim claimed Preece fondled her breasts, put his hand inside her pants, kissed her and tried to convince her to spend the night in bed with him.

The victim became increasingly uncomfortable and was sending text messages from her phone about the situation. When relatives found out through a text message the victim was alone with Preece, they went to go pick her up from his home.

After an interview with Pullman police, an officer went to Preece's home to talk to him about the incident. Preece admitted he felt terrible about what had happened and initially said touching the victim's breast was accidental, but as the interview continued he broke down, started crying and admitted to intentionally touching the victim inappropriately. When the officer finally laid out the entire statement the victim made to police and asked if she was lying, Preece did not deny anything she had said.

Preece was arrested and booked into the Whitman County Jail on a charge of second degree child molestation.

Preece is the Senior Associate Director of Alumni Relations at Washington State University. He is currently being held in jail awaiting his first appearance in Whitman County Superior Court.


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