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WSU announces self funded salary increases | News

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WSU announces self funded salary increases
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WSU announces self funded salary increases

After a five year salary freeze, WSU has taken the future of it's employee's compensation into it's own hands. University President Elson Floyd announced a four percent across the board salary increase in his blog on Wednesday.


“We have lost some highly qualified and productive faculty and staff to institutions able to pay more,” Floyd wrote in the blog post. Due to state budget issues salaries have been frozen since 2008, but starting January 1 WSU will fund the four percent increase.


In addition to losing staff and faculty because WSU can't compete on a pay scale level, Floyd also stated in the blog that over the past few years many of the university's employees have taken on more responsibility due to the elimination of positions and budget-driven realignments.


“The consequences of our compensation challenges are very real,” Floyd wrote. “We have had to work hard to pull together the resources necessary to continue to hire and retain the best and the brightest.”


The increase will cost the university $11 million a year, but Floyd stated that it is “absolutely essential to moving forward”. Civil service salaries are established at the state level, and throughout the freeze eligible civil servant positions have still received automatic step increases between two and five percent each fiscal year.


“These are important first steps toward restoring our ability to compete in the national and international market for talent and toward recognizing the contributions of our current faculty and staff,” concluded Floyd in his blog.


You can read President Elson Floyd's blog post announcing the salary increase by clicking HERE.  

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