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Spokane Man Makes Ties To Help Fight Breast Cancer | Health

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Spokane Man Makes Ties To Help Fight Breast Cancer
Spokane Man Makes Ties To Help Fight Breast Cancer

When I was contacted by Shaun Rhames I could tell this guy had style. The native of Anchorage Alaska is putting his talents to good use and helping fight breast cancer. I had a chance to ask him some question about why he's so passionate about the cause.


How did I get involved with the Susan G. Komen Foundation?

In 2011 my mom Carrie was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She is now a Breast Cancer Survivor. The day she told me she was diagnosed, I contact the Susan G. Komen Foundation. With the idea already in my my mind, I contacted every member via email on the Eastern Washington Susan G. Komen Committee. I received an email from the Board President and was able to set up a meeting. I told them I wanted to make a LIFETIME commitment to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I explained to them this would not be a one time contribution or donation, but that I plan to do this for the rest of my life. I was able to set up a meeting and tell them the idea I had about designing a reversible necktie for their foundation. They loved the idea. I then signed a 3rd Party Agreement with them.


Tell me a bit about yourself.


Shaun Allen Rhames 28 years old. Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Grew up in a family of 5. I began my interest in fashion during my childhood years. I am a former college athlete, played College Basketball at Harrisburg Area Community College in Harrisburg, PA. I now live in Spokane, WA where I hold a retail management position of Assistant Store Manager at Casual Male XL on Division.


Tell me about the design? I have been in product development of the reversible necktie for 2 and 1/2 years. This particular design is a very unique and versatile Reversible Necktie, which can be worn on either the pink side with black ribbon w/pink stripe or black side with pink ribbon w/black stripe. When designing the "Breast Cancer Awareness" Reversible Necktie, the inspiration and idea came after my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last year. This is the very first product I am releasing from my new fashion line Shaun Rhames Fashions set to launch this fall. Also, I will have my own Signature Collection of reversible neckties called "The Tie" by Shaun Rhames. I would not want it any other way, to be able to start a business and be able to give to charity right from the start. How will the money be distributed from the sale of the tie? I have signed a 3rd Party agreement with the Susan G. Komen Foundation and will donate 25% of the retail price on all merchandise with the "Breast Cancer Ribbon" I designed. For the remainder of the month I will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The donations will stay locally and go to the Susan G. Komen Eastern Washington Affiliate.


Where can you get a tie? The ties are available at all 5 Cancer Care Northwest locations and at The Essential Woman Boutique. Also will be available all year around at www.shaunrhames.com.

How come I made them reversible? You do not see any reversible neckties anywhere. This idea is very creative, unique, and innovative. I wanted to do something different and something no one else is really doing. I am just trying to make my mark on the Fashion Industry.


How does it feel knowing I am using my talents to make a difference?


To be able to take a creative idea like this and know the proceeds go to a good cause,it feels really great!. I have always been someone who has had a big heart . Since a my teenage years, I've wanted to be able to give to Charity Organizations and Foundations like the Susan G. Komen and now I am finally doing it. The feeling is amazing. Some people want to be well-known for many things or to be famous, I just want to be known as a Fashion Designer who made a difference and a modern-day Philanthropist. This is just a start of something great, I plan to get involved with more Charitable Organizations in the future. I could not have done this without the support of family, friends and local businesses. Local Partners Cancer Care Northwest The Essential Women Boutique Numerica Credit Union T.A.S.T.Y The Distilled Life Larry's Barbershop Qc's Cutz


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