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Controversy surrounds Latah County Sheriff's Office Facebook posts | Crime

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Controversy surrounds Latah County Sheriff's Office Facebook posts
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Controversy surrounds Latah County Sheriff's Office Facebook posts

A 19-year-old Pullman man who killed himself after being the subject of wanted posters on the Latah County Sheriff's Office's two Facebook pages had initiated contact with the unofficial page in the days prior to his death. Andrew Cain committed suicide on June 23rd.

The unofficial page was the first to post a wanted poster, which did not include any comment, while another wanted poster was placed on the official page a few days later by another sheriff's office employee with the comment, "We have decided that Andrew Cain is no longer the Wanted Person of the Week ... he is the Wanted Person for the Month of June. Congratulations!" Both pages have since been removed from Facebook.

Andrew Cain was wanted for warrants, including a $5,000 failure to appear warrant on a driving without privileges charge and an $800 failure to pay warrant for possession of a controlled substance, according to court records. His criminal history in Latah County dates back to a misdemeanor conviction for unlawful possession of a handgun by a minor.

The unofficial page was monitored by Sgt. Doug Anderson. He was not the employee who posted the wanted poster on the official Facebook page which has caused the controversy.

Cain did exchange several private messages with Anderson on June 17th and 18th. Cain's sister, Alise Smith, previously claimed that Anderson had been harassing her brother in the messages, and demanded that he apologize for the alleged harassment.

Big Country News Connection obtained a copy of the Facebook messages in questions, they do contain some explatives that have been edited for print:

Cain: "I like your wanted poster."

Anderson: "Turn yourself in and I will give you a copy!"

Cain: "Excuse me. Aren't you the law. Shouldn't y'all be mature. All y'all can go f---

Cain: "This is like 10 year old bulls--t. Grow up. All of Latah county sheifs can lick my b---s."

Cain: (symbols made into an inappropriate phallic picture)

Anderson:" Marijuana is a controlled substance in the state of Idaho. You have three warrants for your arrest, the failure to comply is only one of them. You also have warrants for failure to comply on a DWP and a probation violation. I think you need to grow up and take care of your responsibilities. We will continue to use the posters to locate people with warrants that are issued by the courts. You lawyer would be wise in telling you to turn yourself in. The warrants will not go away."

Anderson: "Oh sorry that was an FTA for the DWP. You just didn't show up to court at all."

Cain: "Lol now ur gonna be nice. Nope. My lawyer told me to stay out of idaho and let him take care of it. You guys have done a lot of f----d up s--t to me. So good luck. And just wait to see what happens."

Anderson: "A lawyer who advises their client to run from the law. Interesting. I hope that works out for you."

Cain: "What officer am I speakin with here."

Cain: "Lawyer needs to know."

Cain: "That's what I figured."

Anderson: "Patience. I just got to work. Sgt. Anderson make sure she has the right Anderson if she is going to contact me. Have a nice day!"

"How this could be construed as taunting or rude or harassment or anything like that, I'm at a loss," Latah County Sheriff Wayne Rausch previously told The Associated Press.


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