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Charges recommended for football players involved in assault | Crime

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Charges recommended for football players involved in assault
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Charges recommended for football players involved in assault

Pullman Police Defectives have concluded their investigation into an assault resulting from an altercation between two football players from Washington State University and the University of Idaho.

WSU player, Mansel Simmons, was found unconscious by officers responding to the reported fight between students attending a party on March 24, 2013. Simmons was later transferred to Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane where he was treated for facial fractures and a concussion.

The altercation started when a group of U of I students, including football player Roman Runner, were told to leave a party near WSU after a verbal argument broke out between them and a group of men including Simmons. Witnesses say that the U of I group complied and while they headed back to their car were chased by a group of 10-20 men at the party.

Later on, they were confronted by the Simmons and the WSU group. Runner stated that at that point he took out a knife in an effort to protect himself from the larger, confronting group, but then put it away. Witness told detectives that both Simmons and Runner were being held back by friends. Simmons broke free and charged Runner, and Runner then punched him the face which knocked Simmons unconscious.

After falling on Simmons and being punched by an unknown person, Runner and his group fled the scene. One person remained behind and called 911. Runner and Simmons both admitted to drinking that night.

Detectives have recommended 2nd Degree Assault charges for Runner which is a felony. A misdemeanor charge of Disorderly Conduct has been recommended for Simmons. No charges have been filed yet, and the Whitman County Prosecuting Attorney will ultimately determine what charges are filed. 

Police did find a pistol near the scene, but could not confirm if it was involved in the incident or who may have carried it. In addition, the vehicle used by the U of I group was damaged at some point after the assault, but no evidence has led to a possible suspect. 

Crime, News, People

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