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Moscow Police investigating sexual assault at fraternity | Crime

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Moscow Police investigating sexual assault at fraternity

Moscow Police are investigating a reported sexual assault at the Sigma Chi fraternity house early Saturday morning.

Police Chief David Duke says that officers were called to the Lambda Chi fraternity around 1 a.m. when friends of one of the frat members were concerned about contemplating suicide.

Officers, during their investigation, found that the 22-year-old University of Idaho student had been at a social event at the Sigma Chi house when he lost consciousness due to intoxication. He later woke up and reportedly was being sodomized before he lost consciousness again. He woke up later and called some friends at his fraternity who brought him home.

The victim was later transported to Gritman Medical Center where a rape examination was conducted. Witnesses at the party, but who weren't present when the alleged sexual assault happened, have been interviewed by Moscow Police.

The results of the rape examination are still pending and no suspect has been identified.

The University of Idaho has been made aware of the incident, is cooperating with police investigation, but has no comment other than to acknowledge they are aware of the investigation. Both fraternities are also cooperating with the investigation, which is ongoing.


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