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Pullman Police warn of burglary ring | Crime

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Pullman Police warn of burglary ring
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Pullman Police warn of burglary ring

Pullman Police are warning the public about a burglary ring following the arrest of two men suspected of a home invasion on Monday. Police believe the men may be part of a larger group that has committed residential burglaries in the area.

Police said that the ring is known to travel in groups of two to eight and will park or drop off passengers in residential areas. Suspects will knock on the door of the home. If someone answers they pretend to be looking for someone or ask for directions. If the door goes unanswered they enter the home and burglarize it. During the home invasion on Monday, the suspects pointed a gun at the resident and took credit cards, a cell phone and a laptop.

The suspects, as well as their affiliates are from Seattle and Pullman and are Somali and African American males in their late teens and early to mid-twenties. Police believe that the burglary ring steals credit cards and immediately uses them to purchase untraceable gift cards before the victim can report them stolen.

While the suspects in Monday’s home invasion were arrested that afternoon, police are asking that residents and businesses report any suspicious activity consistent with the burglary ring and suspect description.

Crime, News

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