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Windows phone scam hits Kootenai county

Windows phone scam hits Kootenai county

The Kootenai County Sheriff's office released an alert Thursday afternoon about a prevalent computer scam in the area, carried out over the phone.

It starts with a call from an individual who says he is with “Microsoft Windows Service Center.”

This caller states there is an issue with the customer’s computer and they could fix the problem by downloading an “APP”. If the citizen does go to their computer at the caller’s request, the caller will advise you of what you are seeing on your screen, and ask you to sign into “logmein.com.”

The caller will now have control of your computer. During conversation with the caller, they will ask for identifying information such as the last four of your Social Security Number. The caller will also alert you to your Windows certification being expired with you needing to pay them $395.00 or the computer will be “locked”. If you refuse to pay, your screen will go black with only a cursor for a password. Estimated repairs are over $100.

Alleged drunk driver causes Pullman power outage

Alleged drunk driver causes Pullman power outage

A 53-year-old Clarkston woman was arrested by Pullman police Monday night after she allegedly drove at speeds of up to 90 mph, side swiping vehicles and causing a rollover accident that led to a power outage in the north area of town.

Cheryl Bynum was taken into custody by Whitman County Sheriff's deputies on Highway 27 near milepost 5 after she lost control of her 1999 Chevy van. She was transported to Pullman Regional Hospital and treated for neck and back pain, and then arrested for driving under the influence, reckless driving, and hit and run.

Missing mom's statements may be banned from trial

Missing mom's statements may be banned from trial

Prosecutors in northern Idaho say statements made by a woman before she disappeared should be allowed in the first-degree murder trial of her estranged husband.

The Lewiston Tribune reports that the Latah County Prosecutor's Office earlier this week challenged motions filed by attorneys for Charles A. Capone seeking to keep the statements out.

Rachael Anderson, a 40-year-old mother of four from Clarkston, Wash., was in the process of getting divorced when she disappeared April 16, 2010.

Authorities say she was lured to a Moscow, Idaho, auto repair shop owned by Capone where she was drugged and killed. Her body hasn't been found.

Court documents say that Anderson before disappearing was in what prosecutors call a state of ongoing emergency because she didn't know who was stalking her.

Uniontown man pleads guilty to lesser charge in attempted murder case

A Uniontown man accused of trying to kill his wife pleaded guilty Tuesday to a lesser charge in Whitman County Superior Court.

32-year-old Jacob Forster entered a plea agreement with prosecutors to a felony charge of first degree attempted assault. Forster was initially charged with attempted murder.

Judge Dave Frazier accepted the plea and sentenced Forster to nearly six years in prison.

The Whitman County Sheriff's Office arrested Forster last spring after his wife told authorities he tried to kill her with nitrogen gas while she slept.

Police say on March 27, Forster put a box over his wife's head and hooked up a pressurized tank.

The day before that, a $1 million insurance policy for Forster's wife was finalized and he was named the beneficiary.

Co-defendant in Rachael Anderson case back in jail

An Idaho man released on bond after pleading guilty to a lesser charge in the disappearance a Washington woman and agreeing to testify against her estranged husband is back in custody.

The Lewiston Tribune reports in a story on Thursday that David C. Stone is being held in the Latah County Jail after allegations he telephoned a witness on Tuesday.

Second District Court Judge Jeff Brudie is determining if Stone's conditions of probation should be modified or revoked.

Stone pleaded guilty in December to failure to notify law enforcement about a death after Rachael Anderson of Clarkston, Wash., went missing in 2010. Her body hasn't been found.

Stone's guilty plea is part of a deal that calls for him to testify at Charles A. Capone's first-degree murder trial.

Court rejects appeal of man serving 2 life terms

The Idaho Court of Appeals has rejected the appeal of a man serving two life terms with no parole for killing a Moscow woman.

The Lewiston Tribune reports the court earlier this week upheld David Meister's first-degree murder and conspiracy convictions in the 2001 shooting death 21-year-old Tonya Hart.

Meister argued that 2nd District Judge Carl B. Kerrick erred by limiting the testimony of an expert witness for the defense.

But the court ruled that the information on the expert's theories was presented to the jury during closing arguments.

Meister was convicted in 2003 but received a new trial and was convicted again in 2010.

In sentencing Meister after the second trial, Kerrick noted that Meister killed for money as a reason to deny Meister a chance at an early release.

Man charged in wife's death wants trial moved

Man charged in wife's death wants trial moved

A 52-year-old Moscow man charged with killing his estranged wife nearly four years ago wants his trial moved out of Lewiston due to extensive news coverage.

Charles A. Capone has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and failure to notify a coroner or law enforcement officer about the death of his estranged wife, Rachael Anderson. She was last seen in April 2010. Capone has also denied charges that a conspired to commit those two crimes.

The Lewiston Tribune reports Capone's attorneys also are seeking to have statements Capone made to investigators in May 2010 and August 2012 suppressed because he asked for an attorney and alleges officers continued to question him.

The Latah County prosecutor's office has not responded to the defense motions.

Anderson's body has not been found.