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Update: Dupus Boomers will close at WSU’s CUB | Business

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Update: Dupus Boomers will close at WSU’s CUB

The WSU Board of Regents approved a proposal Friday morning that would allow $1.65 million be used from CUB reserve funds to buy out the existing lease for the Dupus Boomers Restaurant.

The agenda recommended the restaurant be converted into open dining and seating for a “coffeehouse” atmosphere. The WSU News announcement refers to the future space as a “social lounge” which will accommodate about 100-150 students with coffee and sandwiches sold at counters.

The WSU purchase means alcohol will no longer be sold when they take over. 

Dupus Boomers told WSU they wanted to close out of their 20-year lease early and offered the option for WSU to buy up the remaining lease. When Dupus Boomers went into the space in 2008, they spent $3.5 million in furnishings and kitchen equipment.

The transformation into an alcohol-free space begins at the end of this academic year.

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